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LA. WOMEN, Artists and Architects

schelbruegge editor, 2005
27 x 36cm, Broschure
168 Seiten, ca. 300 Abbildungen
mit Beiträgen von Marie-Therese Harnoncourt, Brigitte Huck, Andrea Lenardin Madden, Markus Mittringer, Peter Noever, and Annette Südbeck
ISBN 3-85160-039-8

ISBN 13: 978-3-85160-039-1
Artists and Architects: Cindy Bernard, Kaucyila Brooke, Julie Burleigh, Meg Cranston, Amy Gerstler, April Greiman, Amy Halpern, Mary Kelly, Rachel Khedoori, Toba Khedoori, Rachel Lachowicz, Liz Larner, Sharon Lockhart, Catherine Opie, Laura Owens, Renée Petropoulos, Nancy Rubins, Aradhana  Seth, Frances Stark, Jane Weinstock, Barbara Bestor, Rebecca L. Binder, Emmanuelle Bourlier, Annie Chu, Julie Eizenberg, Ming Fung, Sarah Graham, Margaret Griffin, Sharon Johnston, Susan Lanier, Andrea Lenardin Madden, Lise Matthews, Kimberli Meyer, Linda Pollari, Mary-Ann Ray, Dagmar Richter, Linda Taalman, Raquel Vert.

“L.A. Women” portrays a certain scene. During her six-month stay in Los Angeles Eva Schlegel photographed some 40 artists and architects, documenting their studios, collaborators, manuscripts, drawings, models and working processes. The resulting image presents a scene in which an entire generation of artists and architects “live and work” in Los Angeles. A bio-bibliographical appendix will give insight into a dense personal network comprising universities, museums, offices, galleries, etc. which forms the backdrop of this center of artistic and creative productivity.